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What is a book subscription anyway?

Here’s how it works around here

First – you sign up. You can buy in bulk with 3, 6 or 12-month options or choose a rolling subscription and we’ll bill you monthly.


Next, we mail you a *surprise* book. The day you join is the day we ship your first book to you, and from then on you’ll get a new book through your letterbox at the start of each month.


Along with your book you’ll get an introduction to what you’re about to read and why it’s worth the effort. Every month we do special extras for our subscribers, too – sometimes that means a little something extra in your box, other times it’s a special giveaway for subscribers with stuff you actually want to win.


Then: you read. Go ahead and go at your own pace, there’s no rules around here. Some of our members read their books in a couple of days, others take a few weeks.


Once your book is done, log in to the members’ area and interact with our community. This is a special access area you can only see if you’re a subscriber.


Here you’ll find a review from our editor Rachel with plenty of food for thought, then a lively forum where everyone weighs in with their opinions. Sort of like a secret society for books.


If you’ve never been in a book club before, don’t worry – our digital book club is a friendly and inclusive space. Sometimes we talk about celebrity castings, other times we talk about plot holes or the characters we loved and hated. 


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What kind of books do you choose?

It’s a surprise.

The whole purpose of Rare Birds is to help you discover new books you might not have otherwise heard about.  


We’re here to cut through the noise and offer some expert curation. We love to champion female authors and always pick stories that feature a female protagonist.


It’s our goal to put books in your hands that you’ll love and enjoy reading. Our editor is an avid reader and only stories that are pacey, filled with memorable characters and interesting enough to actually finish will make the cut.


We keep our monthly titles a closely guarded secret so that we never ruin the surprise for our members. But if you want to get a feel for what you can expect, check out our bookstore.



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