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Books make great gifts

And we think you agree. Did we mention you’ve got great taste?


Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is the gift option you’ve been waiting for. Why just give one present when you can give one that keeps on giving every month? A book subscription is the Matryoshka doll of gifts. And it’s perfect for any occasion.


If you’re struggling for ideas for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life, here’s your solution. A subscription gets them a new book delivered through the post at the start of every month, plus admittance into our members-only digital book club, a place where they can make new friends and meet other like-minded readers. What could be better?


We want to make gifting our book subscription as simple as possible, so there’s three ways to give it.

(1) Direct Sign up


You give us their address and we send the books out to them directly for the duration of their subscription. That’s it! Put your feet up, you’ve nailed it.


(2) Gift Card


Want to give your loved one something to open? No problem. Buy a subscription and we’ll mail a gift card to you, so you can wrap and present it to them on your next special occasion. It comes complete with the code they need to redeem their voucher and get started in the book club.


(3) Digital Voucher


Sending something from afar? Let’s go digital! Give us their email and we’ll send a digital voucher. You can write your own message too. Whoever said you weren’t thoughtful?

Select a subscription

3 month book subscription


The perfect taster

Pick me

Rare Birds book subscription gift - direct


Sign them up and we'll send the books directly to your loved one

Rare Birds book subscription gift - postal gift card

Gift Card

A gift card sent in the post for you to wrap and them to redeem *UK Only

Rare Birds book subscription gift - digital voucher

Digital Voucher

An invitation to our book club with a message from you *UK Only



The perfect taster

£30.00 £30.00 £30.00
Pick me Pick me Pick me



The ready for commitment package

£60.00 £60.00 £60.00
Pick me Pick me Pick me



The New Year's Resolution plan

£120.00 £120.00 £120.00
Pick me Pick me Pick me