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Who’s That Girl

Celebrities. They’re just like us?

Who's That Girl. Mhairi McFarlane

She kissed the groom. She’s not the bride…


Edie thought she’d found The One…until he told her he was marrying someone else. And on the day of his wedding, when he kisses her, life really does go pear-shaped…Labelled as a home-wrecker and office outcast, when her boss offers her the chance to get out of town Edie jumps at it, even though moving back in with her eccentric father and prickly sister isn’t exactly the escape she needs.


When her work throws her into the path of rising star and heartthrob Elliot, Edie is expecting a highly strung diva. But as their unexpected friendship develops, Elliot isn’t the only one in the spotlight…Who’s that girl? Edie is ready to find out.

It's a laugh Somebody falls in love Features a handsome leading man

Review by Rare Birds

Picture this nightmare scenario. You’re at the wedding of the love of your life, who is a colleague. He is the groom, you are not the bride. You end up kissing in secret. The love of his life – ie. the bride, also your colleague – sees it all. Now what?


This is the situation we find our girl Edie embroiled in in the opening pages of Who’s That Girl.


It’s the kind of thing that if it happened at your workplace you’d probably almost be dizzy from the height of the drama taking place.


Everybody knows, everybody is talking about it. Even the boss! We’re cringing just thinking about it.


Although on its own this is enough to fill the pages of an entire novel, it is, as they say, just the tip of the iceberg.


Edie tries to resign, her boss refuses, and sends her off on an unusual assignment instead – she’s shipped off from London back to her hometown, Nottingham, to ghostwrite the autobiography of actor and heartthrob to the masses, Elliot Owen.


He is hot, like super hot, but Edie doesn’t care because she never watched his show anyways and actually he’s a spoiled wanker with an ego roughly the size of the moon. Or is he?


Here at Rare Birds we are big fans of Mhairi McFarlane. She is in a league of her own when it comes to writing rom coms, and this one is no exception.


Who’s That Girl is smart and interesting and doesn’t rely on the same tired stereotypes that get trotted out again and again when you’re reading this genre, which comes as a refreshing change if you’re reading it fairly often.


The characters are realistic, stories believable, and all told with a lot of heart and wit and never at the expense of the romance, either.


Also somewhat breaking with tradition for the genre, Who’s That Girl is long. Like, over 500-pages long. You can really get your teeth stuck into it and it’s interesting enough to hold your attention from page one.


I’ve you’ve ever idly fantasised what it would be like to go out with an actor, here’s a realistic stab at an answer. It’s not a book about being whisked off to Hollywood to start a glamorous new life, but rather what happens when you spend more time creating the illusion of a good life rather than building one.


It’s smart enough to get you thinking but still witty, entertaining and full of plenty of butterflies-in-your-stomach moments that will have you tearing through.

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