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Faro’s Daughter

Love's a gamble

Faro's Daughter. Georgette Heyer

Renowned gamester and the first to admit that he is entirely void of a romantic disposition, Max Ravenscar regards all eligible females with indifference and unconcern.


But when he meets the woman his young cousin Adrian is bent on marrying – the beautiful Deborah Grantham, mistress of her aunt’s gaming house – he finds that none of his experience in risk and gambling has prepared him for such a worthy opponent.

It's a laugh Somebody falls in love Features a handsome leading man It's set in the past

Review by Rare Birds

If you’re partial to a romance and love the glamour of the regency period – of specifically, movies set in the regency period – Georgette Heyer is a writer you need to know about.


To say she’s prolific would be an understatement. Between 1921 and 1975 she published more than fifty novels, more than half of which were historical romances set in the Regency and Georgian periods.


She has a huge, devoted following of readers who love her novels – they’re lighthearted and witty and always finish on a happy ending. If you need something that’s short and readable to delight and entertain you, look no further.


Faro’s Daughter tells the story of Deb Grantham, the mistress of a gaming house – very racy occupation at this point in history – and Max Ravenscar, the rich gentleman who crosses paths with her when he sets about to prevent her from getting engaged to his young, impressionable cousin.


Throw two independent, headstrong control freaks together and you’re almost guaranteed trouble, and Faro’s Daughter has it all kicking off pretty much from page one. Deb and Ravenscar both quietly live by the motto my way or the highway and are prepared to go to extreme lengths to get one over the other.


The tone of the novel is incredibly playful – it’s witty, sharp and has several ridiculous plot twists that make it entertaining to the last page.


Though this and almost all Heyer’s other novels are billed as romances, they’re not all that romantic – if you’re looking for long moonlit walks and heartfelt love letters you won’t find them on the pages of Faro’s Daughter.


What you will find however is plenty of sparring, delightful misunderstandings and a cast of hilarious and ridiculous supporting characters that make this book a complete joy to read.

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