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About us

Hi, I’m Rachel

Behind every great book club is a great book. Around here it’s my job to put that in your hands each month.


I spend a huge amount of time reading and I like a bit of everything. I’m one of those enthusiastic readers who starts a book and gets so into it I can’t put it down until it’s done.


One of my favourite things about finding a new book is recommending it to friends I know will love it too.


Friends and friends of friends were asking for ideas so often, I started to wonder how to make it easier for us to find the books we actually wanted to read. The book club was born.


Whether you read a lot and want someone to do the work for you, or barely read at all and want to do it more, Rare Birds is here to help you discover great books and have a bit of fun while doing it.

Great reads delivered

Rare Birds is a book subscription service founded on a simple principle: books should be fun to read.

Reading doesn’t need to feel like a trip to the dentist; ultimately good for you but not necessarily that enjoyable an experience.  


I only recommend books I’ve read, loved and would share with friends. Genuinely.


We’re talking contemporary women’s fiction – pacey, interesting stories with gripping plotlines, amazing heroines, happyish endings, and – when the occasion calls for it – totally smouldering love interests. Because who cares about the rest.


If you want to get to know my tastes, shop the bookshelf – it’s filled with some of my favourite novels both old & new.

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